Case Management for Acquired Brain Injury

Assessment and management plans for complex cognitive, behavioural and physical issues

We complete detailed assessments, comprehensive case management plans and assist clients, their families and support network to manage neurological conditions in line with personal goals

Are you seeking a Needs Assessment or Case Management Plan? 

ABI Case Management Ltd is a dedicated and professional service providing specialist case management to clients with acquired brain injuries (ABI).

 We provide assessment and ongoing case management services for our clients and are instructed by either the client themselves, their deputy or litigation solicitor to assess and facilitate support from the post-acute and rehabilitative stages of recovery through to ongoing maintenance and longer-term support programs. 

At ABI Case Management Ltd we pride ourselves on the provision of professional case management service delivery to all our stakeholders. 


What is acquired brain injuries case management?

Case Management itself involves detailed assessment, ongoing planning, goal facilitation, support and professional interventions required to meet our individual client’s health and occupational needs, whether this be in the domestic, social or employment sector. 

Detailed Assessment

Completion of the following assessments and reports to assist our clients, their families and support network to manage their neurological conditions in line with their personal goals.

Care Planning & Goals

A collaborative involvement from the client, family and support workers, can contribute to the identification and facilitation of goals, which supports a client-centred approach to care planning and the rehabilitation process.

This may take into account and impact in the following arena’s :-

Professional Interventions

In line with the Initial Needs Assessment (INA) and ongoing case management intervention it is important that the client is afforded appropriate access to specialist clinicians.

Referral to the following clinical disciplines may be appropriate for their assessment and treatment, which would be co-ordinated by the case manager :-

Support & Interventions

We can offer a combination of any or all of the following in terms of assisting with the recruitment, training and supervision of the clients support teams, to ensure they are well informed about the client, their needs and are able to provide the best possible care and support in line with new legislation and best practice principles :-


Initial Needs Assessment (INA)

Case Management Plans

Risk Management Plans

Environmental Risk Assessments

Holiday Risk Assessments

Work based / Employment Risk Assessments


Personal goals

Domestic rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation





Occupational Therapy

Occupational Psychology

Speech and Language Therapy


Educational Support



Family training

Support worker recruitment

Support worker training

Ongoing supervision of support teams

Registered Healthcare Professionals


Our case managers have extensive backgrounds and experience in neuro-rehabilitation and the long term management of the health and social needs consequent of head injury and spinal cord injury. Our team of case managers include certified brain injury specialists and qualified occupational therapists to ensure we can source and manage a team of ABI specialists.

What can I expect from my case manager?

Case Manager intervention and contact with our clients and stakeholders can take the form of any of the following.

Direct contact with the client

Direct contact with the client, in their own home, workplace, college, other place of residence or environment that the client engages and interacts in.

Direct and indirect contact with family members

Direct and indirect contact with family members, support team or other representatives / stakeholders to ensure informed family support.

Communication with other professionals

Direct and indirect contact with other professionals, medical or educational services involved with the client (formal MDT, professional meetings or bespoke 1:1).

Indirect contact by liaison with external agencies

Indirect contact by liaison with external agencies and professionals in relation to the client (eg. via telephone, email etc.)


Documentation of all interventions

Completion of documentation of all interventions carried out during deliverance of Case Management services.

Comprehensive assessment report

Completion of comprehensive assessment report with relevant / agreed goals and actions, detailing areas of function, support need and agreed goals

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